Lab Director

Dr. Reza Sameni
Dr Reza Sameni
Associate Prof, Dept of BMI, Emory University
Adjunct Associate Prof, Dept of BME, Georgia Tech


Prof. Christian Jutten Prof. Gari D. Clifford Prof. Mohammad B. Shamsollahi
Prof. Christian Jutten, Emeritus Prof of Université Grenoble Alpes Prof. Gari Clifford, Dept of BMI and BME, Emory University and Georgia Tech Prof. Mohammad-Bagher Shamsollahi, Sharif University of Technology


Deepanshi Sajjad Karimi Somayyeh Mousavi  
Deepanshi, MSc, Software Engineer Sajjad Karimi, Postdoc, Emory University Somayyeh Mousavi, PhD student, Emory University  
Masoud Nateghi Mohammad Sina Hassannia Mohammad Ahmad  
Massoud Nateghi, PhD student, Emory University Mohammad Sina Hassannia, PhD student, Emory University Mohammad Ahmad, MSc student, Georgia Tech  


Mircea Dumitru Kshama Kodthalu Shivashankara Giulia Baldazzi
Mircea Dumitru, Postdoc, Emory University Kshama Shivashankara, MSc student, Georgia Tech Giulia Baldazzi, PhD, Fulbright Scholar
Ava Mehri Yu Fung David Wang Amulya Jain
Ava Mehri, Intern, PhD student, University of Illinois Chicago Yu Fung David Wang, Intern, MSc student, Emory University Amulya Jain, Intern, Dunwoody High School
Ekaterina Rambaud    
Ekaterina Rambaud, Intern, Cambridge High School    

Shiraz University Alumni

Researcher/Student Name & Current Position Research During Collaboration Years
Davood Fattahi, PhD, Shiraz University A Statistical Framework for Clinical Parameter Estimation of Cardiac Signals 2017-2022
Fahimeh Jamshidian Tehrani, PhD, Shiraz University Online Noninvasive Fetal Cardiac Signal Extraction 2012-2019
Mohammad-Ali Nikouei Mahani. Senior Machine Learning Engineer at BMW Hardware engineer in Shiraz University Signal Processing Center (SPC). Mobile ECG and Holter Monitor Design 2009-2010
Hamed Hassani-Saadi. Machine learning engineer at Rianta Solutions Hardware engineer in Shiraz University Signal Processing Center (SPC). MS thesis in AI: Application of signal processing algorithms for non-numeric data (The notion of interpretive signal processing) 2010-2013
Marzieh Fatemi. Biomedical software developer at ScienceBeam MS thesis in BME: Application of subspace tracking techniques for fetal cardiac signal extraction 2011-2013
Sajjad Karimi. PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology Blind Source Separation Algorithm Developement 2011-2013
Maryam Samieinasab. PhD From Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Postdoctoral fellow, Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), Houston, Texas (Starting Aug 2020) MS thesis in BME: Modeling and Denoising of Fetal Phonocardiogram 2012-2015
Esmaeil Seraj. PhD student at Georgia Tech MS thesis in BME: Study and comparison of cerebral signal phase extraction and analysis methods 2013-2016
Roohollah Mohammadzadeh. PhD Student at Polytechnique Montréal (starting Aug 2020) MS thesis in Computer Architecture: Implementation of blind source separation and frequency scrambling algorithms on FPGA soft-cores using mixed design 2013-2016
Peiman Gordany. MS Graduate in Telecommunications, Senior Design Engineeer at VAP, Inc. Digital and analog electronics and telecommunications systems expert, Medical electronics device designer and developer 2014-2020
Saman Doostkam. PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering at Shiraz University MS thesis in BME: Design and implementation of a portable assistive system for visually impaired people 2014-2016
Mahdi Rahbar-Alam. Electronics Designer at Rayan Energy Co., Biomedical Engineer at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences MS thesis in BME: Evaluation of Instantaneous Frequency Estimation Techniques with Application to Electroencephalogram Analysis 2014-2017
Laleh Akbari. FPGA Developer at Faraz Ertebat MS thesis in Computer Atchitecture: Random Circuit Generation for Evaluation of Different Levels of Synthesis and Implementation of Reconfigurable Circuits 2014-2017
Pezhman Torabi. Documentary filmmaker and entrepreneur MS thesis in Computer Architecture: Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks on FPGA with Scalable and Parametric Design 2014-2017
Arsalam Kazemnejad. MS Graduate MS thesis in BME: Analysis of Synchronous Electrocardiogram and Phonocardiogram Parameters Extracted from Normal Subjects 2015-2018
Saeed Keshavarzi. IT Expert at Fars Regional Electric Company MS thesis in Compouter Architecture: Designing a Hardware Architecture for the Implementation of Online Subspace Tracking Algorithms 2015-2018
Farzin Negahbani. Master of Computer Science, KUIS AI Lab, Koç University FPGA Lab Board Design and Implementation 2016-2018
Najmeh Kheram. Master 2 Student (the SIGMA Program), Grenoble Alpes University MS thesis in BME: Modeling and Denoising of Phonocardiogram Signals 2016-2019
Maryam Maghsoudi. MS Graduate MS thesis in BME: Tracking and estimation of biological branching structures 2016-2019